Best Espresso Coffee Maker: Just the Right Caffeine Fix

Best Espresso Coffee Maker
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If you’ve been craving a good cup of Italian caffe but barely have time to go out, then maybe it’s time you go on the hunt for the best espresso coffee maker.

That said, there are a million and one of them out on the market. And to help you on your way to getting that caffeine hit, here’s a series of short reviews that present you with candidates for the best espresso coffee maker and highlight what to look for in a good machine.

Delonghi EMK6 Alicia Electric Moka Espresso Coffee Maker


  • Authentic Italian Moka Process

The Delonghi EMK6 makes use of the Moka process to brew the perfect cup of espresso. It’s extremely easy to use, all you need is to fill the aluminum boiler with water and the filter with your favorite ground coffee, attach it to the base, power it up, and you’ve got yourself authentic Italian coffee!

  • Filter Adapter

The Delonghi EMK6 features a filter adapter that lets you choose how many cups of espresso you want to make–3 cups or 6 cups. So, depending on the number of people you’re serving, you can adjust the amount you brew.

  • Easy to Use

The Delonghi EMK6 is very simple to use, and lets you know what you’re doing every step of the way. It has a clear and easy-to-use illuminated push button for the controls, and the indicator light on the off/on switch is also bright, so you know when the unit is in use.

It features a transparent coffee container that easily allows you to monitor the whole brewing process. The boiler is extremely durable and made from high-quality aluminum that’s easy to clean. Plus, it operates without a cord, and with its detachable base, it’s also perfect for serving at parties, or for when it’s one of those days where you feel like you’ve earned yourself several cups of coffee.

  • Safety First

The Delonghi EMK6 features a pressurized safety valve that ensures you’re operating safely. It also features an automatic shut-off system that has a keep warm function that keeps your coffee hot for up to thirty minutes, so don’t worry if you forget that you’re brewing for a few minutes!

With the two-level safety system that includes the automatic shut-off, your espresso will never overflow or burn: it automatically shuts off when the body is lifted from the base or when it’s finished brewing.


  • Easy to use
  • No leaks
  • Never over-boils
  • Makes superb espresso
  • Good for the office or traveling


  • Upper compartment is plastic
  • Not too durable

bonVIVO Intenca Stainless Steel Stovetop Espresso Maker


  • Made for Espresso Lovers

The bonVIVO Intenca espresso maker was designed with espresso lovers in mind. A cup of coffee is great, but if you’re someone who can’t resist the full-bodied aroma of a cup of espresso, then this may be the machine for you.

For espresso lovers, it’s a joy to smell the ground beans when you’re filling the pot. The Itenca also can serve 6 cups so that you can share your joy and coffee as well!

  • Easy to Use

Making espresso may not be as easy as making coffee, but the Italian Moka pot is a classic espresso machine design for a reason! It’s got the feeling of making espresso traditionally, but it’s got the ease of use only a good machine could provide.

The bonVIVO Intenca is extremely easy to use. Like with all machines that use a Moka pot to brew the espresso, all you need to do is fill the lower part with water, put your ground coffee into the basket, place the lid on, put it on the cooker to boil, and voila! Your espresso made the traditional way is ready within minutes.

It also lets you pour yourself a cup drip-free with its spout, so no need to worry about it getting everywhere but your coffee cup! The coffee maker itself is made of three parts: the espresso Moka pot with the filter, the kettle, the basket, and finally the sealing washer.

  • Beautiful High-Quality Design

The bonVIVO Intenca is made with stainless steel with a durable copper chrome finish and works on all stovetops whether you use one that’s gas, ceramic, electric, or induction. And, both the Intenca’s durable, ergonomic handle as well as the portable coffee maker are heat-resistant.

Thought you would have to abandon your chic, traditional La Dolce Vita aesthetics in favor of a machine that’s easy to use? That isn’t the case with the Intenca! This gorgeous copper espresso maker is both easy to use and pleasant to the eyes. It features a timeless, traditional design that will add a touch of elegance to any kitchen.


  • Beautiful design
  • Makes excellent espresso
  • Easy to use
  • Solid construction


  • Leaves a small amount of water in the boiler when done

Amfocus Moka Stovetop Espresso Maker


  • Easy to Use

The Amfocus Moka Espresso Maker is very easy to use. Again, with the Moka pot, minimal effort is required on your part. This machine can produce six demitasse cups so that you can share good coffee with your friends and family! It features an ergonomic, silicone handle that is comfortable and gives you a great grip, so no worries even if you’ve got butterfingers for you won’t be dropping this easily!

  • Modern and Elegant

The Amfocus Espresso Maker features a modern and elegant design. It is made with stainless steel, and is sure to look lovely in any kitchen!


  • Easy to use
  • Makes good coffee
  • Works on a variety of stovetops
  • Elegant design


  • Bottom of the pot prone to blackening
  • Material could be thicker


All three espresso machines make use of a Moka pot as it utilizes the traditional way of making espresso while keeping a user-friendly aura when such method is converted to a coffee machine design.

The Moka pot brews your espresso by making use of steam pressure to push water through a strainer. And using the components in a machine, this process is pretty simple.

Best Espresso Coffee Maker: The Verdict

All of these machines are great products that work well and give you great coffee, although the espresso from any machine, no matter how good the quality of the beans is, will not be exactly like what you’d get if you ordered it at an authentic Italian cafe, but it’s a great, simple way to make good coffee. That being said, what makes the top espresso coffee maker is both ease of use and the quality of the coffee produced.

And for that reason, the bonVIVO Intenca Stainless Steel Stovetop Espresso Maker, with its gorgeous, high-quality, durable design wins. Not only will it look good on your counter, but it also produces great coffee with minimal effort.

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