Hamilton Beach Brewstation Coffee Maker Review

Hamilton Beach Brewstation Coffee Maker Review
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If you fuel your days with coffee, a coffee machine should have a special place in your kitchen and in some cases, in your heart. A good coffee machine can really alter the way we savor coffee and of course, for the better. So, getting the perfect coffee maker can be a pretty big deal.

In this article, we will talk about coffee makers or more accurately Hamilton Beach Brewstation Coffee Maker. If you’re looking for a good and new coffee machine, this article might help you find the perfect coffee maker for your kitchen.

Features of Hamilton Beach Brewstation Coffee Maker

The first thing you’ll notice about this coffee maker is that it is a bit bigger than most coffee makers. The reason for its size is its enclosed brewing system. This innovative system allows an internal heating mechanism, which ensures that your coffee will remain hot and fresh for up to four hours. The best part is that it keeps the fresh brewed flavor for the entirety of the four hours. Meaning, you won’t have to forgo the taste just for convenience.

Since the coffee maker has an internal storage, it isn’t really a conventional drip coffee maker. But it still does brew up to 12 cups of coffee at a time just like most conventional coffee makers do. Moreover, it doesn’t require a carafe since it has an internal coffee storage. All you have to do is press a button, and fresh and hot coffee will pour into your cup. You can even tell the coffee maker how much coffee you need at a time. So, you can just leave a pot of coffee without having to worry about it spilling out.

Another great feature that is worthy to mention is that the coffee maker can also make iced coffee. What you just have to do is press the button labeled “ice coffee”, and you’re good to go. It’s a wonderful addition to a coffee maker. Lastly, the coffee maker has a removable water reservoir, which means it can be removed to fill up with water without any real hassle.


  • Enclosed brewing system
  • Internal coffee storage
  • Keep coffee hot and fresh for a maximum of four hours
  • Dispenses one cup at a time
  • It can brew up to 12 cups of coffee at a time.
  • Water reservoir is removable
  • It doesn’t require a carafe
  • It can make iced coffee.


  • It is not a traditional drip coffee maker.
  • Cleaning the internal storage can be tedious and difficult.
  • Unlike pouring from a pot, the dispenser can be quite slow.



There is no doubt that Hamilton Beach BrewStation Coffee Machine isn’t like most traditional drip coffee makers. However, who is to say that new is bad? The coffee maker offers a huge number of features that drip coffee makers simply can’t offer due to their design.

The ability to keep larger quantities of coffee hot and fresh should be ideal for households or office kitchens with a large number of coffee drinkers. It would prevent waste, as coffee wouldn’t get cold as quickly. Moreover, it can also be used to make iced coffee, which is just a delightful addition.


Now that we had a good look about the BrewStation Coffee Maker, we should look at another brand of coffee maker. Looking into a coffee maker that is similar to Brewstation is helpful in order to help us get a better understanding of the coffee maker. Let’s take a quick look at iCoffee Davinci Coffee Brewer.

The coffee maker is also an unconventional coffee maker and also has an internal storage tank. It features a different kind of brewing technology called, spin brewing technology. It has a one-touch brewing system for various ounce servings. It features an extra large water reservoir, holding up to 55 ounces of water at a time.

However, despite being fundamentally the same, there are some differences such as iCoffee uses K-style cups, which is good as long as we exclusively use K-style cups otherwise, it could cause needless hassles.


Based on all of the information we’ve covered so far, if you’re into K-style cups, you would naturally gravitate towards using iCoffee Coffee Brewer. However, if we are to give an objective conclusion, we’d say that Hamilton Beach Brewstation Coffee Maker is the ideal choice for most coffee lovers.

It is a simple coffee maker with internal storage. You can easily detach the water reservoir to fill it up. You can even program it to automatically brew coffee immediately after you wake up and start your day. And, you no longer have to worry about your coffee getting cold if you hit that snooze button.

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