How to Brew A Single Cup of Coffee

How to Brew A Single Cup of Coffee
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If you are a coffee lover, you probably need more cups of coffee than your coworkers or friends. That means, sometimes, it is just you who needs a hot and fresh cup, and it seems like a waste of coffee to brew a whole pot when no one else wants to have one. So what do you do in such a quandary? You brew your own cup of coffee! Now, if you are wondering how to brew a single cup of coffee, there are several ways to do that.

Brewing coffee has passed on to us from centuries ago, and now we have a lot of coffee makers like the Drip Coffee Maker, the Espresso machine, etc.—you name it. However, many of them are usually used for brewing several cups of coffee at once. For just one cup of coffee, you obviously need something smaller and simpler.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways and different types of coffee makers available to make brewing a single cup of coffee possible. Read on to find out how to brew a single cup of coffee.

How to Brew a Single Cup of Coffee in Different Ways

Yes, there are several ways you can make yourself a nice hot cup of coffee all by yourself and without any waste.

Filter Holder

The simplest way is to do it with a filter and a filter holder. There are cups that are designed to hold filters and have a hole at the bottom from where the coffee can pour into your actual cup. All you need is a filter, the holder, the cup, coffee grounds and, of course, hot water.

You can heat up water in an electric kettle or over a stovetop. Put the filter holder over the cup and place the filter in it, then place the coffee grounds over the filter. This depends entirely on your own taste as for how strong a cup you prefer. Now just run down a few drops of water at first, and then pour over the rest.

This is a very simple way of making a cup of coffee, and you can even do it without a holder. However, some argue that the taste of coffee does not have the right punch compared to the coffee that is brewed in coffee makers.

Pour Over/Hand Drip

There are single pour over drippers that you can place over your mug for brewing a single cup of coffee for yourself. You just have to place a filter in this dripper, and the coffee gradually drips into the cup. This brewing method can produce more sophisticated and flavorful beverage but can be time-consuming.

French Press

Remember the good old French Press? Yes, it can make you a cup of coffee whenever you want one. French presses are really old but are still found in many homes. They are fairly easy to use and if you just want something you can use for yourself, go for a small one.

The main benefit is that you would save a lot of money instead of spending on a fancy coffee maker. Also, you can make more coffee in the same press if you have friends over. It is known to produce a strong brew as the grounds remain in the coffee for some time.

Personal Coffee Makers

For those who drink coffee a little too much, the personal coffee maker is the best choice. There are several popular brands like KitchenAid and Keurig that are manufacturing small coffee makers.

All you have to do is pour in water in the holding tank, add coffee grounds, and press the button. That is it and the coffee brews on its own and drips into the cup that comes with it.

This particular coffee maker is also portable so you can travel with it anywhere. The mug is travel-friendly, so you can take it with you to work or school. This is a fast and easy way of making just a single cup whenever you want, wherever you want.

Other Ways of Brewing a Single Cup

There are other simpler and cheaper ways of brewing coffee. Many people who cannot afford coffee makers simply make their coffee in a saucepan. You just have to boil a cup of water, together with the coffee grounds.

Let it boil for about two minutes or more if you want a stronger taste. Just pour it into your mug and run it through a filter if you like, although if you use coffee grounds it usually just blends in.

Do you know there is such a thing as a microwave coffee? Well, some people even just heat up water in the microwave, put on fresh grounds, and that is it. However, it is not recommended to heat up water in a microwave. Also, the taste would not be so appealing in terms of taste and aroma.

Regardless of the method you choose for making your cup of coffee, you also have to focus on the coffee beans and grounds. What kind of grinder you use and how granulated the grounds are also have a great effect on the coffee.

The beans should not be grounded more than half an hour before making the coffee. That is because you want all the aroma and taste to be packed into the cup.

A lot of coffee enthusiasts prefer coffees made from other bigger coffee machines, but the truth is if you use a coffee maker based on how it is supposed to be used, you can make a delicious cup from anything. It is just a matter of which taste you prefer the most.

French presses and filter holders are cheaper options but drippers and personal coffee makers look more sophisticated, that’s why most people prefer to buy them regardless of their price.


As long as you have the coffee filters and grounds, you can find a way to make just one cup easily. Whether you are at home or at work, a small coffee maker like the ones above can come in very handy. After all, there is nothing quite like a fresh aromatic cup of coffee any time of the day.

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