Medelco Eight Cup Coffee Percolator Review

Medelco Eight Cup Coffee Percolator Review
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Drip coffee makers and espresso machines may be the most popular machines for making coffee, but some people still prefer the good old percolator.

Percolators used to be the most common way of brewing coffee until the more technologically advanced options were introduced on the market. In last few years, however, percolators are again gaining popularity as they provide a better tasting coffee and more control to the user while brewing instead of using a machine.

A stovetop percolator is a pot that circulates brew through grounds repeatedly and produces coffee with a very robust taste. It is a simple method but can be time-consuming. Also, the taste of the coffee can be very strong because there is a chance of over-extraction. However, if you brew it carefully, you can have the coffee as you like it.

Even though it is considered old-fashioned, many enthusiasts still find the percolator to be the best. And with modern, cutting-edge designs, it is making a sort of major comeback. Most coffee percolators are designed to produce multiple cups of coffee which is perfect for families and big parties.

Here we have the Medelco Coffee Percolator for your consideration. Let’s find out what are this product’s features and why you should buy one today.

Features of the Medelco Eight Cup Coffee Percolator

The Medelco Coffee Percolator is a modern percolator made with high-quality Schott Duran borosilicate glass imported from Germany. It has a very high thermal resistance and is suitable for use on electric or gas stoves. The handle is also heat-tolerant, so you should be able to hold the pot without any mittens.

It is assembled in the US and meets the North American Electrical Standards. This percolator can brew up to eight cups of coffee in one go, so it has a considerable volume, enough for serving a whole family or when you have guest over. It is dishwasher safe as well as stains resistant so no trouble with washing it.

With the drip-free sprout and heat tolerant handle, this one is designed to make your mornings easy. The lab-quality glass readily absorbs the heat and helps the brew absorb maximum flavor from the grounds. As a result, your coffee is flavorful, and you can easily transfer the percolator from the stove top to the table or even the refrigerator.

Here are the key features that make this product unique:

  • Lab-quality borosilicate glass
  • Thermal shock resistance
  • Heat resistant handle
  • Weighs only 1.5 pounds
  • BPA free
  • Makes eight cups of coffee


  • Makes a large amount of coffee
  • Can resist high temperatures
  • Easy to use and pour
  • Works with both electric and gas stoves


  • May produce bitter tasting coffee
  • Brewing may take time



Percolators have been used for brewing coffee by our ancestors and still a favorite method for many nowadays. Perhaps it is the simplicity of the pot or the nostalgia that comes with the strong essence of coffee when it is brewing that people still use these over their stoves every morning.

The Medelco 8 Cup Coffee Percolator is a high volume, modern, and simple percolator. The highlight of this one is its borosilicate glass which originates from Germany. However, it is assembled in the US so essentially is an American product made with high-quality standards. Just like the glass surface, the handle and the top are also made from high-quality materials.

You can use it on any stovetop and make coffee to your own liking, although it is best if you like a strong flavored coffee. It is very easy to use and even easier to wash as it is dishwasher safe. Since you can make up to eight cups, it is best for families or even for small parties.

Percolators can make great tasting coffee as opposed to the general assumption that they produce bitter tasting coffee. If you know how to use a percolator right, it should not be a problem for you to make a cup that works best for you in terms of taste and aroma.


Percolators are not that common anymore as they used to be a few decades ago but still, you can find many competing products. However, the beauty of these percolators is their simplicity in brewing coffee, so you would not find much difference between different products.

However, there can be few significant construction differences. For instance, the Coletti Bozeman Percolator is made entirely from stainless steel which makes it a strong and durable pot, but it does not make any difference in terms of the process or the final taste. This one also has a heat tolerant handle made from permawood.

The product we are reviewing and this percolate from Coletti have a significant difference in terms of pricing. The latter is more expensive probably because of the stainless steel construction and higher volume (nine cups).

The Medelco Coffee Percolator is made from glass so you can observe your coffee when it is brewing and take it off the stove when it has reached the required heat level.

The glass quality, as well as the product’s affordability, make it a good value for money. If you’re searching for a product that suits your needs and budget, you can choose any brand as almost all percolators work the same way.


If you love percolators or want to give them a try, Medelco Coffee Percolator is a great product to buy. First of all, it is truly modern and a high-quality product that comes at a very reasonable price. The German made glass is highly heat resistant and can virtually be used for any kind of stovetop.

It is one of those products that can last a lifetime. In fact, you can even bring it to camping trips. The sturdy built and simplicity of the brewing process makes it an ideal coffee maker for outdoors.

People have used them since ages, and many prefer it for the strong tasting coffee it makes. However, you can make it according to your own taste if you can control certain factors like the brewing time or even the number of beans or grounds you want in your coffee.

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