What is Pour Over Coffee Maker?

What is Pour Over Coffee Maker
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Do you know that on average, Americans drink a little over three cups of coffee every day? That is 587 million cups a day in the US alone. Many of us start our day with a cup of coffee and sometimes end with one at home or at a coffee shop. While there are many devices that can make quintessential beverages, there is one that is quite old but still very popular—the pour over coffee maker. So what is a pour over coffee maker exactly?

Before we explain this particular device, you should know it is just one of the many ways of brewing coffee. As technology advances, we get many efficient devices to make the kind of coffee that you see in coffee shops and cafes. French presses, vacuum brewers, electric drips, espresso machines are all coffee makers; many of which are still in use. Each of them has its own method and advantages of brewing coffee.

But in this article, we will discuss one of the best ways to brew coffee, the method that uses a pour over coffee maker.

What is a Pour Over Coffee Maker?

This type of coffee maker contains a holding tank which is filled with water. It is usually filled in through top-mounted tray from where the water washes down to the bottom of the tank. The tank is heated to bring the water near to the boiling point (about 97 °C) through electricity. Once heated, the water then travels through a tube to a spray head from where it pours over the ground coffee.

The hot water drips over the ground coffee and is collected into a lower chamber after it has absorbed all the flavor and essential oils of the coffee. The pour over design works quite fast as compared to other drip designs especially when the tank is full.

There are other simpler pour over coffee makers as well that utilize filters and are perfect for use at home. You basically pour over hot water that then drips through the filter into the cup as it collects all the flavors.

Advantages of a Pour Over Coffee Maker

The manual ways to brew coffee are becoming increasingly popular. Not just at home but also at coffee shops where usually espresso machines are considered much more feasible, these manual brewing machines are giving people delicious coffee all day long. Here are some of the advantages of using a pour over coffee maker:

Controlling the Variables

One of the reasons why this kind of coffee maker has made a major comeback is that it gives out results to your own liking. You can control the setting and allow you to make a cup of coffee according to your own preference.

Rich Flavor

Pour over coffee makers are known to give out a richer taste than other coffee makers especially those that use a filter. Even though the liquid passes through the filter, it absorbs some of the flavors of the coffee.


It is quite efficient at what it does, and those designed for home use are especially great if you just want a cup for yourself. Unlike the French Press or a drip pot, you do not have to make an entire pot of coffee when you want to use the device. You can just add a cup of water and ground coffee corresponding to that. This is the reason why people are keeping this kind of coffee device in their kitchens.

Cleaner Cup

There is absolutely no residue left in the cup after it is poured over the ground coffee. And unlike French press or drip pot, there is no mess either. It is simple to use and maintain, and you can make cup after cup without doing a lot of prep before or clean up after.


Yes, they do not cost a fortune and that is one of the best things about pour over coffee makers. You do not necessarily have to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy coffee machine just to get a nice cup of coffee every day. The pour-over method is efficient and produces coffee as you like it.

Brewing Tips for Pour Over Coffee Makers

Pour over coffee makers are known for producing quality cups that smell amazing and taste delicious, but it all depends on how you brew it. So here are some tips to help you use your pour over coffee maker:

Grind Well

Use a quality grinder because, obviously, a lot is riding on the ground coffee. Why is the grinder important? Because it can help produce a consistent taste and help in the extraction process. Get a grinder from a well-known brand name, and you are good for years.

Get Slow Pouring Kettle

For coffee makers that require you to pour over water, get a kettle that does that slowly. This is because that way the water will have more time to fuse in flavors from the coffee. If you pour it down too much or too fast, you will not have a flavorful cup to sip.

The Right Dose

Sixty grams of coffee should work best with one liter of water. Obviously, this is something that depends on you and how you like your coffee. You can add more for a stronger taste or less for a softer one. Experiment a few times to see what amount of coffee works with what volume of water.


By now you should know what is a pour over coffee maker and how it is better than many other machines. It is simple, easy and produces delicious cups of coffee that are to your own liking. They have been used in homes and coffee shops since their inception and today are again becoming a standard for baristas. The fact that they give you the control of the flavor, create no mess and take less time is enough to want to invest in one. You can easily find one for your office or home online.

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